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Contest: It's Trivia Time!

Out There

To celebrate Room 100’s fresh new design, we think it’s time for a little trivia contest. Pick five of the following questions and find the answers in our blog. You’ll get to revisit some great content and get the chance to win dinner or drinks on us.

  • Which Chicago artisanal saloon did we compare to a mad scientist’s lab?
  • What kind of wild new venue opened up in the Times Building last fall? So far, we’ve had a ball.
  • When did we give you the first pics from Thompson Toronto’s Opening Party?
  • Name one of Matt Biancaniello’s (the mixing master at Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar) cocktails that we featured in Room 100.
  • In what city (and on what street) will Thompson’s new Belgraves hotel be located? 
  • Whose new Ukulele album did we hum along to this summer?
  • Who is the editor of Paper Magazine, and what’s his biggest weakness?
  • What beach trend did we predict in June of this year?


Then, e-mail your selected questions and answers to

And now you’re entered for a chance to win! We’ll contact our winners on Monday, September 12th by e-mail. Thanks for participating and we hope you’re a fan of our redesigned Room 100 blog. Good luck!