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'Straw Dogs' Has Its' Day (Again)

Out There

Be afraid. The original torture-porn film gets a remake.

“Every man has his breaking point” was the tagline of Sam Peckinpah’s creepy-ass “Straw Dogs,” released in 1971. And doesn’t that still hold true today in our wimpy world of laptop-obsessed nerds?

In the controversial film, which I snuck into through the exit doors to see when I was about nine at the Anthony Wayne movie theater Dustin Hoffman plays an American mathematician who moves with his English wife into a cottage in rural Britain. The renovators turn out to be menacing freaks with rape on their mind. Like Nick Nolte in “Cape Fear,” Hoffman’s character learns that laws and being civil don’t apply in “the jungle,” and, manning up, he gets busy using his genius to fight back. Truly scary stuff ensues, and only the strongest (and smartest) can survive.

Now “Straw Dogs” has been re-made, and hits theaters this month, starring Alex Skarsgard (the so-dirty-blond vampire of “True Blood” fame). The setting, of course, is now the Deep South. And Kate Bosworth is his gal. Even if we are wary of all remakes, we’ll be seeing it. We’re interested to know if it sticks to the brutality that Peckinpah put on screen, inciting calls of misogyny and the like.