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The Real Queens of the Desert

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Bally’s “Jubilee!” showgirls act turns 30, give ’em a big, wet red-lipstick kiss!

Vegas, ya’ gotta’ hate it. At least how it is today, which needs no real introduction. We hit Palm Springs for a mud bath, do some of the Mother Road, and sneak around Sin City whenever we’re near it. But it’s kinda nifty to see that the longest running showgirl act on the Strip is still, er, kicking, for 30 years now, with the “legendary” Donn Arden still presiding and fluffing things up, girlfriend. Bob Mackie, roll over. Cher, sit down and have a drink. If you must be there, giving it your best shot, stop into Bally’s and do the big show. Here’s a gallery of some of the ladies, yes, they’re all real ones, far as we know. And as a warning while watching the new “Playboy Club” show, such ambition and female empowerment! You gals who want to don the headdress, you could end up like the final photo. Glamour, it ain’t all. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that…