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A Hymn to Topanga Canyon's Inn of the Seventh Ray

Out There

Tavern on the Green? No! Follow the hippies and glow sprites up Topanga to one freaky experience. We do take this Hobbit’s ring to do something or other…

Our pal Stinson, out on the Other Coast, told us about a recent trippy tune named for the Inn of the Seventh Ray, in Topanga Canyon, a restaurant, bar and meditative enclave of yore (circa Summer of Love).

We don’t know how we missed this Topanga Creek-leaning bizarre genius, an unlikely but now-makes-sense wedding destination to boot, as we figured only those practicing Wicca, playing D&D or doing hydroponic pot would get. Pretty much how it is! In any case, never heard of it, go thee for a sup or some-such. Cup of mead? And stop at Abuelita’s Mexican along the “way-hay-hay,” as Stinson would sing-song it. It’s true Topanga, and has a great deck overlooking a feeble creek (pronounced “crick,” thank you.)

One Eleanor Friedberger–a bit of Grace Slick echo effect in there–wrote the tune, almost made for, or by, LOVE, the amazing ’60s band. Here’s the youtube of it. We are moved, and look below for more, er, fanciful lore, miladies, below:

Eleanor Friedberger – Inn Of The Seventh Ray – YouTube

Disclaimer: Mick Terry limned the enchanted turf here before her, with ode-like lyrics suitable for watching the upcoming “Hobbit” sage:

“Where pixies, sprites and gnomes
have often made their home,
and wood nymphs [wood nymphs!] have been spotted to this day,
there is an elfin land
that I have seen first-hand:
The Inn of the Seventh Ray.”

And this, from the owners, just priceless:

“We, at the Inn, believe in giving you the purest of Nature’s foods, energized as a gift from the sun with a dash of esoteric food knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom tossed in for your seasoning and pleasure.  It may just raise your body’s light vibration and the extra work may cost you a few pennies more, but we believe in the long run, this way of living and eating may prove less expensive.  Your body elemental, that selfless, shy, invisible little fellow who works so hard to keep the oft mistreated human machine going, will jump with joy for your choice of this eating establishment.  He prays and hopes you will return soon to make this a pleasant ritual with each return being a new celebration in honor of taking a small step on the path of good dinning and good doing.”

Are you THERE yet????

Eleanor Friedberger – Inn Of The Seventh Ray