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Fall’s Gild (Hall) Rush

Out There

The Financial District’s most fun hotel has turned a few new leaves.

Sophisticates, art-smarties, music buffs, louche lodgers and the architecturally minded should eat, drink and dine at the Financial District’s Gild Hall this autumn.

Why? Let’s see…

Besides the bookishly handsome space, Gild Hall just opened the TBD Lounge (for non-fact checkers, that’s “To Be Determined,” to you). Go through the back door, man, of the comfily civilized Libertine restaurant, and you’ll find a spectacular bar-lounge that’s changing its interior concept monthly, acting as a revolving art gallery-cum-drinkery.

The first installment was created in conjunction with local artists who utilized the stark hallway as their canvas, making a surrealist mural of the walls and surroundings. The concept comes courtesy of Thompson Hotels partnering with Kevin O’Gilvie, founder of Chill Marketing, of whose name says it all.

The entrance to the TBD Lounge is unmarked, but lined with red carpet, everyone inside is an insider to the Gild. The walls within the lounge are lined with books, the turntable booth equipped with the coolest of deejays, the drinks one of a kind (like you).

It’s a rare hospice in the Bull Market terrain where the commerce of art and the art of nightlife come together without a forced and precious hand.

And every last Wednesday of the month through December, in Gild Hall’s Library Bar, it’s Gekko Gay Night, which Paper magazine dubbed the best of its kind in a city that has more than a few.

As for making it an all-nighter, Gild Hall is offering a fall package to Room 100 subscribers (that’s our bi-weekly newsletter, kids) which provides 10 percent off two-or-more night stays. They’ll also get two complimentary house specialty drinks…on the house, that is.

Don’t rake, be one. And partake in fall’s Gild Rush.