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Guy On A Buffalo

Out There

This bizarre and kinda amazing YouTube hit now available on iTunes.

In the recent history of YouTube overdub hits of viral significance, there have been some masterpieces: Markets Of Britain, by Lee Titt, and Cats Playing Patty Cake, anyone? The latest comes courtesy of The Possum Posse, an Austin-based honkytonk/bluegrass sextet band, self-billed on their website as: “The Greatest Band In The World. Possibly, Ever.”  Their meandering ballad sounds a bit like Team America’s soundtrack star, Freedom Isn’t Free.  Guy On A Buffalo grossly adulterates clips from a 1978 film, Buffalo Rider (starring no one you’d know—think Grizzly Adams on a buffalo).  Every verse begins with “One day a guy on a buffalo…” We’d like to recommend episode 2: Orphans, Cougars, and What Not and episode 4, Rehab, Vengeance, and What Have You.  All episodes now available on iTunes. Yep, you read that right.
Guy On A Buffalo on YouTube: