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Mouth Piece


Sorry Keith, but with his new band Super Heavy, Mick Jagger gets his mojo back on.

His mug today may make the Mount Rushmore cut, but man, wasn’t he pretty in the ’60s. In honor of rock-and-roll’s fey Dorian Gray, a photo gallery, vintage ’60s and early ’70s, of Jagger when he gave David Bowie a run for his beautifully androgynous visage.

Regarding his new super group’s eponymous September-released CD fronted by Jagger and including ex-Eurythmics Dave Stewart, Damian Marley, and others; it crosses all genres spectacularly, and has an under-produced, vintage vibe we love. The thing, of course, that matters most is that it’s got a good beat and the kids will dig it too. The cliché of time being on his side (Paul McCartney notwithstanding), at least at this moment, still holds for the man Richards-, such a little bee-atch, loves to loathe until he needs another bustle of greenbacks for a new bead weave.