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Bonobos: The Court Jesters of Mens’ Sportswear


Anti-Diaper Butts & Muffin Tops, Rejoice!

We’ve been digging Bonobos, the New York-based fashioner with a devoted male online audience, ever since we found their summer-party “go-to-hell pants” were the best in town. Somehow they managed to make those f-you pants with bright palms and flowers hang on the hips, fit close to the thigh, and not have that old country club guy crotch that dropped to your knee.

Now they’re latest campaign is a direct assault on all those mom’s khakis and shirts that men of a certain age seem to start favoring for “comfort.” Comfort? Never at the cost of bad style! You know who you are, Obama, Clinton?

We bought their “Khaki Diaper Butt” cotton pants, the anti-KDB, and they fit like men’s trousers just…should! They’re like the new signature item in our casual wardrobe. Their simple patterned button-downs, known as the Billowing Muffin Top (BMT), again, fit better than those Agnes B’s and Onassis’ we’ve come to love.

Read the detailed labels here, and have a laugh, however candidly dead-on Bonobos is with this plight of so many men. And check out the non-duds at

Great company, youthful, driven, hilarious dudes.