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Daniel Boulud takes his drinks…seriously

Food & Drink

Cocktails, Anyone?

So, when in heck do we go to Daniel, the Upper East Side bastion of epicurean gastronomy? Nevah. It took a book party a week ago to get us “up there.” We’re glad we did. Celebrating “Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches,” a new recipe and canape book, with recipes by Xavier Herit which is broken into two separate little tomes “For Her” and “For Him”, this splendidly packaged little tome made us not care an iota if a trannie hooker couldn’t decide what “side it was on” when ordering.

The drinks are stellar (not to mention the sculptural ice cubes). And the “amuse-bouches” divine. We met Chef Danny, and were blown away at how unpretentious he is, in fact, everyone at the fete were pretty damned fun. He’s like the anti-Top Chef.

No Ladies Who Lunch there. Our faves are the mezcal-and-jalapeno “Smoky Bandit” and the “White Cosmo,” with that weirdly sexy “orchid iceball” and vodka with the St-Germain, one of the only apertifs that seems to be catching on in Liquor Land.

If this is how J.P. Morgan sponsor a party, well, I can’t “occupy” anything but a table at Daniel. Sorry! And when it comes to the bouches, if you can score a reservation, try the Rio’s Bolinho balls (dudes), or the sublime little squares of Peppered Ham and Gruyere Quiche (dolls). My God. I’m ready to quit this Downtown scene, man.