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David Lynch’s Club Silencio takes cues from that ‘Muholland Drive’ fright house

While the amateurs were costuming up this past Hallow’s weekend, David Lynch was opening what he would, in his folksy way, call “the real deal.” Club Silencio, a cavernous nightclub, screening room, performance arena, gallery, and Lynchian interior design center is located down six flights of stairs beneath an old Paris building. It comes as no shock to us that it’s a masterpiece of theater from his outre oeuvre.

Lynch fans will recall the creepy blue-and-red-lit Club Silencio Theater that “the girls” enter through eerie blue doors, and consequently wish they hadn’t. They go through the emotional roller-coaster while inside, from laughing to crying to unspeakable…dread. Who can forget that little person in the wheelchair, as always, the one and only Mike Anderson.

I recall thinking what a cool club this would be if it was for real. Thank you, Mister Lynch.

Now can you PLEASE make one more “real” movie? Here, a gallery from both the 2001film and some inside shots of the club. It’s going to put places like The Box both New York and Euro out of business. Do take notice of the handsome design of that chair. Lynch did all the interior design himself. Not bad for a chain-smoking, pompadour-favoring yokel, eh?