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Our Favorite Food Cart #1

Food & Drink

The Frying Dutchmen have been around the block–but not ours…til now!

We know this whole food truck thing is feeling rather played. But we’re here to serve you, and all we can say is that it’s worth visitors to NYC to just forget about so many bull worth downtown cafes and trend bistros, and simply…get in line.

Last week, my neighbor Trip yelled up to my window (we have that sort of street, the king of streets, King Street), naybor land and croaked that the Flying Dutchmen had arrived, every Monday and Thursday, at Varick and King. Good lord. I wasn’t even hungry. But I smelled something in the air.

The timing was right, before noon. And there was no line. We hit the special, a Philly Cheese Steak Burger. I’m from Philly and  I can vouch that this Black and Blue Burger (tang bite of awesome blue cheese), and a bunch of elixir homemade sauces, like “Hell’s Kitchen” catsup and some aioli thing that worked on everything is worth the trip.

And then there were the French fries, which made us think with first love of our beloved vinegar fries we’d get in a cup back when on the Rehoboth Beach, on the Delaware boardwalk. The dudes that run this flaming-fun food truck are so nice, you’d think they were from the Netherlands, where we hear people are nice. They gave us a free bag of fries just for having to wait. Then some sauces. Ever try to get extra-anything in New York?

The press has spoken, and for once they are right. The Flying Dutchmen does NOTHING wrong. Just check their specials on their website, and their locator. And just go, man, go!!!

Hit it: