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Kinda Fonda Fonda

Iconic Style

A photo gallery starring Hanoi Jane, the sexiest ’60s screen vixen…ever.

On the eve of the release of “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding”, in which Jane Fonda returns to her hippie roots playing a tie-dyed Woodstock grandma, we thought it apt to look back at the peace-sign-wielding actress to the days when she gladly wielded a laser gun and her killer stiletto-ed legs.

Check out this photo gallery, featuring some of her best ‘60s and early ‘70s roles, including those in “Cat Ballou,” “Klute” and “Barbarella” (partic-u-larly “Barbarella”).

Meow! It’s clear that even when posing for her mug shot, the gal had a look and an awesome ‘do in real life too. (We skipped her fitness video days out of respect.) Long may she purr.