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Whiskey Business


It’s about to be fuh-freezing in the Windy City, per usual. Saddle up to some of the city’s finest whiskey bars with this Johnny Walker, er, crawl.

This list shows there’s plenty to go around. It was provided by the Bridge House Tavern, who don’t give a deuce about sharing with their competitors. Cheers!

Bridge House Tavern: Bridge House includes all your major players, but goes the extra mile with an extended list of playful and intriguing labels from around world. The river-front view adds to the drinking experience, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of downtown. Rough night? Join Bridge House on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a “Hangover Helper” of epic breakfast proportions: grilled sausage, biscuits and sausage gravy… all topped with bacon. Bridge House Tavern is located at 321 N Clark St – River Level.

Longman & Eagle: With 38 different whiskey selections on offer daily, you can’t make a wrong choice. At Longman & Eagle, they believe that “whiskey for your mouth, not for their shelves” and encourage tasting. Offering obscure and popular labels alike, they invite you to taste until you discover your favorite. For $3 a shot, you’re bound to warm up quickly. Longman & Eagle is located at 2657 N Kedzie Ave.

Fountainhead: With a hefty list of Scottish whiskeys separated by Highland, Lowland and Indie bottling the main focus of Fountainhead is to find a match between food and drink. The food menu is designed around the beverage list so that customers can count on a well-balanced dining experience no matter the combination. Fountainhead is located at 1970 W. Montrose Ave.

Bar on Buena: Their “Whisky Night” drink menu offers nothing but that: whiskey. Offering 20 different flights from the fancy to the familiar, Buena offers whiskey from all over the globe.  The “All American” flight serves up Bulleit, Blanton’s and Willet Pot Still, while the “Smooth Jazz” flight lets you sample J.W. Black, Famous Grouse and the Singleton.  Fancy a full glass? You want it, they probably have it. Bar on Buena is located at 910 W Buena Ave.

Lady Gregory’s: Home of the Drink Bible, Lady Gregory’s has over 32 pages of whiskey (in a flight or by the glass). Featuring the Lady’s Reserve Whisky, each libation comes with a description of origin and flavor, leaving no stone unturned. Gods & Fighting Men, a whiskey cocktail features Michael Collins Irish Whiskey, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, Hum Spiced Spirit, Vermouth and fresh orange. Talk about a pick me up, I’ll take two. Lady Gregory’s is located at 5260 N Clark St.