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Exercising Ingenuity: Inventions In Health & Fitnesss Exhibition

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This new exhibition is a tribute to the importance the health, fitness, and nutrition industries have played in American lives over the years. Exercising Ingenuity highlights the historic advances, current trends, and future technologies relating to a healthier body and mind. Throughout history, individuals have been active in their quest for greater physical fitness, the pursuit of balanced nutrition and the achievement of overall good health. While the current concept of physical fitness is different than that of our ancestors, the idea and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle continues. Through the hard work and talent of National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, inventors, and innovators, our modern belief of healthy living has been transformed. Join us in celebrating this group of unique innovations, patented inventions and creative trademarks dedicated to a healthier you and let them serve as an inspiration to continue the energetic public debates about healthy living, nutrition and physical fitness.