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The Inimitable Paul Smith

Style Counsel

The man who brought pizazz to our suit linings and perfect fit to our suits is celebrated in a refined new book by his-truly.

The book to watch for in early spring is “Paul Smith,” by Paul Smith, with interviews by Olivier Wicker (Abrams).

We have loved this dandy for so long, not as long as the 30 years he has been turning out his prep-modsuits, ties, scarves and the baddest-ass winter gloves ever. Mister Smith doesn’t give much press. So it’s thrilling that we’re going to get to hear what his inspirations are, as Abrams says, from A-to-Z. His first boutique opened in 1970–a digit as clean as his lines. Before everyone and their mother decided that mens’ suits should be less boxy and more fitted, he was all over that. We love Ralph too, but Paul Smith offering a manual as to how he designs his shoes and other merchandise? Well, we’re all worked up about it. Stay tuned….