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Two Great Artists Pass on to that Great Canvas in the Sky

In Memory

Mike Kelley and Antoni Tapies left their stunning marks in the night gallery

Catalan abstract artist Tapies, a pal of Dali and Miro, was famous for his purposefully rough-hewn artworks that took cues from “ready-mades.” His controversial work, “The Sock,” was in fact, a sock with a hole in the heel. In diminishing health before his death, he was 88.

Mike Kelley, the acclaimed Los Angeles artist, went out apparently by his own choice. Like the punk-styled aesthetic he possessed, Kelley’s rebellious streak showed in his death: He was found hung to death in his West Coast home. Kelley, who collaborated with Sonic Youth and made targets out of popular culture iconography, shared Tapies love for discarded objects. His most famous works were often dirty, thrift-store stuffed animals, sometimes stitched together. He was said to be depressed in recent months. Kelley was 57.