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White Pickets, Blue Velvet


Dennis Hopper’s modernist dreamy house hits the market.

For a little under $7 million, you can buy Dennis Hopper’s stark slice of life. The actor, who died in May of 2010, will indelibly be remembered as the hippie drug dealer in “Easy Rider,” and later as the ether-sniffing psycho in “Blue Velvet.” But those who knew
him saw him as the ultimate renaissance man. A terrific photographer and savvy art collector, he also had a thing for modern architecture.

That included his Venice, California compound, broken up into several structures. The main building is a minimalist design by architect Brian Murphy. We have to believe that the picket fence surrounding such an industrial facade was a personal wink of whim. Then there are three two-story guesthouses by the great Frank Gehry. Although the drug-abuse rep was long ago just that, who knows: a lucky buyer may find some long-lost stash to help make the mortgage payments.