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PaleyFest2012 : The Office

Out There

The Paley Center for Media dedicates a month of events to great TV shows. PaleyFest 2012 announces this year’s panels with The Office and some of the biggest shows of the season!

Meet the casts and creators of your favorite shows, hear all the inside stories, and even participate in an intimate Q & A. If you’re a fan of these shows, or just are interested in how TV shows get from a writer’s brain to your flat screen, you will enjoy this special evening!

The Office’s masterful attention to the deadening minutia of corporate culture still reaps huge comedic dividends, and the cast has grown into one of television’s all-time great ensembles, as the characters have become so familiar and finely etched that they delight in any combination–we’re particularly enjoying this season’s pregnancy rivalry between Jenna Fischer’s Pam and Angela Kinsey’s Angela. After multiple Emmy Awards and eight seasons, a shift at The Office remains one of television’s most reliable and nourishing pleasures.