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Do the ‘Dexter’ Look


Summer’s a-coming: Lose the polo, and the sleeves, and make being a beach boy look like a breeze.

If you want to stand out in the crowd of suits at the upcoming spring and summer parties, one sure way is to wear a short-sleeved button-down.

It may sound like we’re telling you to nerd out. But both new and old and re-fashioned men’s sportswear brands have re-tooled the geek-chic look. The shirttails can be worn out as they only drop below the belt, the cut is leaner and body-hugging.  And they’re constructed enough to play up the shoulders instead of the man-boobs, which polo shirts more often than not give to any man whose not in buff shape.

Michael C. Hall is the short-sleeved composite. Sure, he’s in Miami, and the look picks up the nik-nik shirt vibe of Old Havana. But it’s somehow efficient, while being vintage Beach Boys-Kingston Trio chic.

Some of our favorites are coming out of Steven Alan (who kicked the skateboarder dude look off years ago), GANT, Agnes B. and Saturdays Surf NYC. If you want your shorty a bit longer for girlfriend-sharing, then go to Brooks Brothers or L.L. Bean, both of which have trimmed their bulky cuts down quite a bit as well. We like gingham and madras best, as they show off that weekend tan and muscle tone that’s starting to return.