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Suite Talk

Room 100 Guest Blogger Kelly Framel of The Glamourai posts about her exclusive photo shoot at the penthouse of 6 Columbus.

For the most recent fashion editorial shot for my site,, I was inspired by the orgy of colors presented in New York’s spring collections, and wanted to celebrate that in a bold, lighthearted way. I decided it would be a fun styling exercise to create total looks to represent each color in the rainbow, and hoped to shoot them in a location that would add to the pop-art spirit of this objective.

My team & I scouted locations all over the city, but as soon as I saw the Thompson Penthouse at 6 Columbus, I knew our search was over. I’d shoot there every week if I could ~ and happily move in for that matter. The double-story windows were a major draw; who could fail to be inspired by such a flood of natural light?! I also loved the general layout of the space: the way the bedroom overlooks the living area set my imagination racing, as did the cool glass-paneled staircase and surplus of terraces (indeed, the suite’s indoor / outdoor options allowed us to imbue the shoot with a deliciously voyeuristic undercurrent). And the decor complimented my intended theme to perfection. I instantly knew the living room’s graphic black and white rug would serve as perfect foil to our red look, and that the modern furniture and artwork scattered throughout would cleverly compliment the sherbet-tinged tones of our ROY G. BIV wardrobe.

From that first tour till the final shot, it was creative serendipity on all levels. The final looks fell into place splendidly, the perfect girl was cast, the weather cooperated, everyone brought ante-upping ideas, and a great shoot was had by all! My favorite kind of day.