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Who Will Be In at The Waverly Inn?

The Food Line

As its sophomore chef departs, Manhattan’s swanky Hobbit hole readies for its third act.

It’s official: The modest (but anything-but-modestly-talented) Chef Eric Korsh is leaving Graydon Carter and company’s enduringly scene-making clubhouse-tavern in the West Village to open his own East Village spot called Calliope.

Presumably, he’s looking to make his own mark, as chef John DeLucie did before him (Crown, The Lion, his memoir “The Hunger”)

The former Californian, who co-owned Restaurant Eloise in Sebastopol, has been wonderful as far as we feel and taste. What Korsh did with game birds and vermin was amazing. And the best-kept-secret brunch at Waverly upgraded during his run to levels of atypical consistency (remaining our go-to during the dreadfully crowded brunch hours on weekends in NYC; that, and Hudson Clearwater, a bit further downtown).

Purportedly partnering up with his wife, Ginevra Iverson, a former cook at Prune, his Calliope will be located in the old Belcourt space on East Fourth Street. Music to our ears

With a potential quiet opening as soon as next month, we’ll be getting the lowdown on what the fare will be. We dream that it will take cues from that paddlewheel queen city the calliope is best known for: New Orleans. We shall see. And stay tuned.