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Behind The Scenes: Trevor Godinho—tg|photography

Out There

We’re sexy and we know it. So do the photographers and filmmakers who seek out our hotels as the backdrop to their art. Trevor Godinho is one such photographer whose stunning work has caught our eye. Godinho (tg|photography) has run steamy photo shoots at both Thompson LES and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. We sat down with Mr. Godinho to find out more about the man behind the camera.

Tell us about yourself: what’s your story?

I’m from a place in India called Goa, but I’ve spent most of my life in Toronto. I started as a painter and kind of fell into photography by mistake. My clients range from modeling agencies to celebrities and recording artists. I’ve worked with Playboy and Mitsubishi, to name a few.

How would you describe your photography? What’s your style?

I love to create images that say something about the person. I try to capture sensuality and a sense of mystery and vulnerability in my images.

You’ve photographed some high-profile subjects, including Michael Douglas and Milla Jovovich. Have you ever been star-struck?

The only shocking moment with a celebrity was with Michael Douglas in that it was a total surprise. During the Toronto International Film Festival, I was called into a room and asked if I’d like to shoot Michael. His handler said, “You have five minutes; use them wisely.” It was a lot of pressure, but he was amazing and really relaxed.

You’ve shot in a number of Thompson hotels; what about them inspires you?

A location adds so much to a concept. The thing I love about the Thompson Hotels would be their design and functionality; both work hand-in-hand and nothing is sacrificed. And the art works so well to set the mood and character of each hotel.

Describe your dream Thompson photo shoot.

My favorite is Thompson LES, hands down; the Thompson Loft has amazing views and décor. I’d love to shoot Tom Ford there. He’s a creative genius and my favorite designer. The location would be perfect, with all the natural light and clean design.

What is your favorite Thompson memory?

Probably seeing the face of the girl at the desk the first time I stayed at the LES. I wonder what she was thinking when in the span of a week 16 models were sent up to my room.


What’s your drink?

Johnny Walker Blue, on the rocks.

Which of the cities you frequent has the best restaurant scene?

New York City. Little Frankie’s on the Lower East Side is my favorite, but when my friend opens his restaurant The Brewster on Mott Street that may change.

What’s your pre-shoot ritual?

Shower, spray on Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille, throw on a crisp white dress shirt and slim-fit suit and I’m good to go. Something about a nice suit makes you feel confident, and I love that feeling going into a shoot.