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Cafe Loup, our go-to since forever in NYC, says it all on the bathroom wall.

Since we moved to Manhattan in 1990, we have made the West Village’s Cafe Loup our home away from home, no matter what sublet we were living in, in whatever part of town. The shabby-chic French bistro with the literary vibe and Irving Penn biker photos makes the best fresh Screwhound in the country with its bar press, the burgers are massive and heavenly, as is the salad verte, all garlic-creamy and crisp. Dig the seared tuna and the escargot too.

It’s just a comfort zone, a best-kept-secret, a perfect creative business meeting spot, and deceptively cavernous inside. But when we were figuring out what we wanted to be when we grew up, we’d always go to Loup’s loo, where a plaque remains on the wall in front of the urinal. Here it is, depicting a wolf lifting his leg. “Leave your mark.” Yup. Mark your territory. The hand-puppet logo certainly has. We just wish they’d bring back their iconic match books. Are you listening?

Oh, and if you can’t find a brunch spot that doesn’t have a two-hour wait, Sundays only, the joint is hopping, but has tables with un-long waits, and a jazz combo that puts you somewhere south of the Macon and in another time. Check it out: