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Nothing stuffy about the Norwood!


Our favorite post-Memorial Day weekend teaser from our favorite Manhattan private club.

Sure, Soho House nabs all the tabloid items, but we’re gunning for the Norwood Club (over there on way-west 14th Street) to ultimately usurp all that faux what-what.

The mad Scotsmen who run the multi-leveled old townhouse with the coolest back garden of anywhere in the city, stuck to their guns when they said they’d only invite members that truly had something creative to contribute. It keeps keeping on, but not pretentiously. Movie nights, gallery shows, concerts, and booze!

There are nights there that feel like somebody let you throw a party in your parent’s mansion and nobody minded. Sure, it’s private but pop by and nab an application, or get a member to take you there. Civilized debauchery at its finest, all through summer.

The Norwood Club, 241 W. 14th Street; for membership inquiries, go to: