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Room 100’s Top 10 Summer Preview Picks


We’re editing the list down for you: Round 1 of our most highly anticipated films to hit the theaters for, from May 25th through July 20th. And….action!

Print it out, and cut all the blockbusters sequels. Summer doesn’t mean stoo-pid, necessarily, although we have included a couple of guilty pleasures in our list:

1. “Moonrise Kingdom” (May 25th). Wes Anderson’s Summer of 1965 children’s love story, starring concerned adults Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, and on.

2. “Piranha 3DD” (May 25th). Pure camp and bloody fun. With Gary Busey, David Hasselhoff and Ving Rhames dropped like so many Celebrity Apprentices into the percolating water-park waters.

3. “Snow White and the Huntsmen” (June 1st). Our one blockbuster included, as we’re hooked on “Game of Thrones” (and the vibe feels similar). Also, we have the hots for a cruel and calculating Charlize Theron (though Kristen Stewart ALWAYS seems like she’s sleep-walking to us). The cinematography looks pretty amazing, as do the scary monsters.

4. “Dark Horse” (June 8th). Uh-oh, pervy Todd Solondz is back, with Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow as parents and the vastly-underrated & used Selma Blair in some reality-fantasy role play. Psyched!

5. “Paul Williams: Still Alive” (June 8th). Who knew? A positively West Coast ‘70s documentary on the gnome-like songwriter (and occasional “Love Boat” guest).

6. “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (June 27th). THE one to see, we’re told, and not just because it won Sundance’s top honor and was the rage of Cannes. In this low-budget but brilliantly-visual Louisiana-set film, a father and daughter (neither star having acted before) set out on an apocalyptic journey through da’ bayous including Ice Age creatures and inventiveness we haven’t seen in a long while.

7. “The Magic of Belle Isle” (July 6th). We’re going out on a limb for this Deep South-set film about a reclusive, alcoholic novelist played by Morgan Freeman, with great cast including Virginia Madsen and Fred Willard. Rob Reiner directing. Please, no kindly voiceovers, Mister Freeman!

8. “Savages” (July 6th). That wily Ollie Stone is back in action, with a Cali-Mexico marijuana-dealing thriller, featuring  unsuspecting dippy-hippie growers Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively about to have a run-in with Mexican meanies Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro who are coming in to steal their grass, man. A glutes-loving John Travolta’s in there somewhere too. (We’re hooked on Hayek’s addictive milk ads, BTW.

9. “Ted” (July 13th). Seth MacFarlane directs this semi-animated film starring Mark Wahlberg plagued by his come-to-life childhood Teddy bear. The Family Guy doing “Chucky” with a stuffed animal? We are SO there!

10. “Killer Joe” (July 27th).  William “freakin’” Friedkin (“The Exorcist”), for Lord’s sake, is back in the helm, directing this film about a drug dealer (Emile Hirsch) who recruits a hit man (Matthew McConaughey) to off his own ma for her insurance dough. Gotta love the gal’s gumption. The secondary cast is awesome: Gina Gershon, Thomas Haden Church. We’re feeling a tad of “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.” We once loathed anything McConaughey was in, now we kind of love the shirtless wonder, in on his own joke, post- “East Bound and Down” and “Tropic Thunder.” Comic genius. Not to mention the terrific “Lincoln Lawyer.”