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Scouting New York

new york city

Location is everything to this magical website. Hit the Memory Lane.

If you’re the type that pines for either the golden or the seedy days of Manhattan, pre-pedestrian-friendly Times Square, you will want to go directly to scoutingny, our favorite website to look quirky architectural things up on a Sunday afternoon when the crossword is already left undone and our own turn-of-the-century brownstone rental is being converted into a single family home and we’re to be evicted soon. Sweet!

Scouting New York creator says it quite simply: “I work as a movie location scout in New York. My job is to stare at the city. This is what I see.”

Cinefiles can learn all kinds of factoids about the locations of films like “Rosemary’s Baby” (pictured), “Taxi Driver,” “American Psycho” (also pictured), as well as navigate through abandoned Rockland County mental asylums (pictured) and 5 Beekman’s towering edifice, (pictured at top of item). downtown, which Thompson Hotels has recently acquired with plans to return it to its architectural and historically-preserved splendor as a posh hotel.

Any question you have had about a building or business in the Naked City, you will find the answer here. Take the magical mystery tour.