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The Book Club Base Camp

Out There

The Book Club is taking over the large outdoor car park on Leonard Street for a seventeen-day fun-filled basecamp for the period of the London 2012 Olympics. Welcome to The Book Club Base Camp!

This much-loved east end hangout will host a pop-up outdoor bar, lots of social-sporting silliness, plus all-day screenings of the Olympic Games so you can support with your team all the way.

Landscaped just for this event, you can expect a quirky take on all things sporty; giant topiary shapes, neon light-installations, miles of bunting, stadium seating, with all the essentials under the ‘Club House’; a huge stretch tent, just in case it rains! And it just wouldn’t be The Book Club without some local artists giving it all a twist. Live graffiti and illustrations will be set against a raw concrete backdrop, just another interesting feature livening up the proceedings.