The New Social Order

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The Great Gatsby

Out There

By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Adapted and Directed by Peter Joucla

It’s 1922 and we welcome you to prohibition Wilton’s.

SURELY there is no better place to experience this new and immersive adaptation
produced by the Wilton’s Team and directed by Peter Joucla. Expect late night
foxtrots, moonshine in teapots, pearls and flappers, bootleggers and millionaires.

Published in 1925, four years before the catastrophic collapse of the American stock
markets, Fitzgerald’s novel graphically portrays a society being destroyed by
money and dishonesty, an American Dream of happiness and individualism
degenerating into the mere pursuit of wealth.

This play was originally adapted for Tour De Force Theatre by Peter Joucla, Wilton’s will
provide a fresh and site specific environment. Filled with live and evocative jazz music
from the twenties and recreating the glitz and decadence of the period, you are invited
to the party.

Dress in your 20s best, it’s all happening at Wilton’s speakeasy….