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The Upper East Side is Alive!…Alive!

New York City

A roundup of new eating-and-drinking spots in the land of brownstones and walkers.

As many of the Michelin-raters have moved or opened outposts downtown, somebody gotsta save the nabe. John DeLucie’s Crown, on E. 81st Street, is killing it a year in, leading an Upper East Side eats and scene revival. Bill’s Gay Nineties, in the East 50s, was to close last month, but rumors suggest that it may be bought by DeLucie and company; JBIRD, on East 75th, is a happening new cocktail bar by way of the East Village’s Death & Co. and the like; Doppio Senso, is shilling weird cocktails in a new Italian, on 84th St. and 2nd Ave.

There’s the new Tolaoche, on E. 82nd; ABV Wine Bar, same chef as Earl’s Beer & Cheese, just round the bend, on 97th; Le Bilboquet (being pushed out of their landmark E. 63rd street spot) is moving this year to much bigger, “more youthful” locale on “the good side of Park Avenue”; Prime Butcher Baker, dry-aged kosher meats, and prepared foods, opened this month, nab the chef’s table, on Second by E. 82nd; Kitchen M on Madison Avenue, is more of that gourmet-prepared stuffs we’re accustomed to now downtown; Tony’s Di Napoli is getting a new bigger space with that subway project closing up the old one on E. Second uptown; and Joe Coffee, West Village, goes Uptown as of a few weeks ago, round about 73rd and Lex.

OK, so this isn’t going to exactly send downtowners rushing past nose-bleed crossroads, but at least there’s some joints to go to, while we wait to see if there will ever be another Elaine’s scene…