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Who Will Mick Lick This Time?


Jagger hosts ‘SNL,’ recalling 1978.

Whatever you think of “SNL,” they know how to go out with a season finale bang. Mick Jagger is hosting the show this Saturday night, with musical guest Arcade Fire (and Alec Baldwin and others making cameos). Yes, Jagger will be joining the band.  Imagine how drunky-McSkunky the after-party is going to be….

We’re thinking this is calculated timing, not just because it’s the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones’s inception. Ron Wood announced the “boys” were going into the studio recently, then he recounted. Sounds like Mick at work, building the hype and buzz.

The dude is almost 70 now, bless him. If only they could only put out just one more great album (as the last good one was “Some Girls”). Which brings to mind when I was just a little kid in 1978 and my mom turned off “SNL” on the TV because Mick started tongue-ing all over Ron Wood in a famous rave-up of “Shattered.” (I think they did “Beast of Burden” too.) Let’s see if we can dreg up the video, here, and see how the elder of the “Glimmer Twins” looks when the camera’s up close in his snarled but kind of amazing face today. We’re hoping for some magic. And Jagger’s supposed to be pretty funny on his toes—he’ll be doing skits, and since he’s a Brit, we predict at least one of them will have him in drag.