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Fourth of July CD of the Week


That would be Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s new ragged-glory ‘Americana” album.

“Oh Susannah,” “Clementine” and “This Land Is Your Land,” given a rearranged but still-catchy grunge treatment by the greatest garage band to ever smash the remote?

Nine years after their last foray, “Greendale,” the Broken Arrow band has been gathered up from under their Topanga rocks to join Young in doing kindergarten-familiar singalongs. And it’s the best album he’s recorded in years.

We may still road-trip to “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” but this American folk canon–updated and including refrains oft-left off the single and out of the classrooms for their less-than-patriotic lyrics–is right up beside it.

As we’re watching paddlewheel steamboats shoot off fireworks on New Orleans’ Esplanade Wharf, we’ll have it on disc in our portable CD player with a Hurriane in hand. Wherever you are, you should too. It’s a romping blast.