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It’s Hot, Hot, Hot Pants Time!

Style Counsel

Leather? All the better! American Apparel is coming to the rescue girls, and guys who like their girls in…HOT PANTS!

When American Apparel announced on its sleazy-awesome shopping website recently that “coming soon” would be a pair of “button fly leather hot pants,” its commentary emails and phones ran off the hook.

While the tiny picture they teased with—shown on this item—suggested a low-rise cut, who knew so many girls were ready for some vintage-‘60s numbers, with that open-faced button front and a cut like fetish-y tap-pants-like higher waist, seemingly more befitting of Dayton Beach Biker Week than mere savvy urban-exhibitionism at play. “I’m a model, I like to show my legs, vat-evah” (said in German accent).

We at Room 100 get it, man. The funny thing about American Apparel is that they often do too. Pricing their motorcycle hot pants under $100 doesn’t hurt either. Sure, the leather ain’t going to be of Chanel quality, but isn’t that the point?

Here’s a few shots of “hot pants” done right. And a photo of Daytona Beach in its glory days for some sand-up-ye-bum nostalgia.

And we’ll let you know, maybe, when AA actually “drops” their little numbers. They’re patterned after the denim ones shown here too. We think it’s going to be very, very soon.