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Montauk: 3 for the Road


Our favorite East End triple-play: Sip, shop, rock at the new Momofuku Milk Bar Pop-Up, Cynthia Rowley bungalow and the black-out beach landmark Memory Motel Bar, respectively.

David Chang’s sixth outpost features those staples that made this refresh-atorium such a hit: Crack Pie, Arnold Palmer slushies, and iced coffees. It’s right next door to Cynthia Rowley’s beachy-keen shop that opened last year and is always a fun social scene. At MMB, umbrella-ed tables made with plastic milk crates. Fun stuff. Great people-watching of both the old-school, sunburned families shopping the sundry stands from the ‘60s, and those new-schoolers everyone is worried about ruining the still-working and still just-fine-by-us fishing-and-surfing enclave. It’s supposed to only be open through Labor Day. Already a hit, we’ll see. And make sure to pop into the amazingly intact (Loss of) Memory Bar & Motel a bottle’s throw away on the same side of the Montauk Highway. It’s where the Stones did some time, and karaoke night is local motion of the funniest order. Not to mention, to us, one of THE loudest, clearest jukebox sound systems we’ve ever encountered. Watch out for the shady characters staying in the adjoining rooms, unless that’s your sand bag. Momofuku Milk Bar: 696 Montauk Hwy.;