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Photographie Group Show

Art & Design

In the 1990s, a group of artists in Montreal developed a new conceptual art practice based on photographic media. As the computer was becoming an indispensable tool across society, they were beginning their education in the visual arts. Michel de Broin, Gwenaël Bélanger, Manon de Pauw, Pascal Grandmaison, Isabelle Hayeur, Nicholas Baier; all were drawn in by these new technologies that offered countless possibilities on an untouched artistic terrain, all within the context of postmodernism.

In the work presented, the conceptual dimension dominates and artistic technique follows after it. Each artist employs a hybrid practice and therefore: borrow from sculpture and scale models (Michel De Broin); painting (Gwenaël Belanger); video and cinema (Manon de Pauw, Alain Paiement, Pascal Grandmaison); or from computer-generated manipulations of images gathered from different sources (Isabelle Hayeur, Nicholas Baier).