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So ‘80s!


So boring SoHo-ish has a new place called, we kid you not, RSVP. Guys, button that top button, sans the necktie, and gals, ramp up the volume on the hair. The clipboard Nazis are waiting for you in shoulder-padded Armani’s.

We can’t believe we’re getting behind this, but we miss the days when Wooster and Greene streets bustled with limos and mini-dress lines and a sense of wet-cobblestoned urgency to “see what’s happening inside.”

Even though this place RSVP, which opened last week, isn’t really, truly SoHo, it IS on Thompson Street (very SoHo), and it has a sort of Boom-Boom vibe—decadently opulent, but ready to partay-DOWN!

But it’s a restaurant. And a lounge. And likely very loud, with each passing dinner hour bell. Screw it—we’ll go. We miss WAX. And they’re going to be doing brunch to boot.

The “starters” should tell you everything. Ready? There is:

Beef Tartare Tacos: Ground filet mignon Served raw, capers, onions, cornichons mini taco shells.

Foie Gras Dumplings: Pan seared Hudson Valley Foir Gras filled dumplings, Lychee compote dipping sauce.

Moroccan Ahi Tuna Cigars: Lightly spiced sushi grade tuna, avocado puree, Mango Soy dipping sauce.

Duck Sliders: Pickled Cucumbers, scallions, cilantro, plum dipping sauce.

Oh, for din-din, there’s also a “truffle honey rack of lamb.” We are talking conspicuous consumption at an “American Psycho” level. We cleaned up the menu’s multiple typos, by the way…We’re DYING here! Hey, but we’ll check it out and get back to you, dear reader. Maybe we’re just thinking about “Desperately Seeking Susan,” “After Hours,” and the like….

RSVP, 15 Watts St.,