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This Summer: Get the Go-Nude Look!


Roll Over, Buffalo Bill: From Kate Moss to Michelle Rodriguez, stylish—and fit—gals are wearing ‘skin suits,’ from Jamaica to the South of France.

In the new Harper’s Bazaar, Kate Moss extols the praises of her $620 Eres one-piece (page pictured here, with her beach essentials), while “Battlestar” actress Michelle Rodriguez (taking a plunge) got nabbed by the paparazzi in her strappy little two-piece off the ritzy Hotel du Cap during Cannes—a fun alternative to doing as the bare-it-all Frogs (they don’t mind the denigration term) do, some of whom would be better off to have some “fit” added to their forms. Go to: for more swimsuit looks. Who, frankly, does it better than Eres? We’re pretty sure that’s where Ms. Rodriguez went too…