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Week Two: Thompson LES

Out There

Summer in New York City is hot (pun intended) and humid.

But don’t you worry, because you’ve just discovered our insider’s guide to summer days & nights at Thompson Hotels around the world. Prepare to be seduced as we reveal exclusive outdoor perches and dimly lit, luxurious hideaways. In five words: your summer bucket-list starts here.

Instead of spending our days ocean-side like our pals in L.A. and Miami, you can find us lazily basking on bright orange chaise loungers while sipping mojitos poolside at Thompson LES. That’s just how we do it when it’s blazing hot. High above the manic streets of the Lower East Side sits the perfect respite for tunes, talks and tipsiness. And of course, the pool – summer’s most valuable possession – will be there when you’re ready.

But what’s a pool without a party? Expect five days of dipping & sipping action at Thompson LES throughout the summer – that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – complete with DJs, ice-cold beverages and plenty of eye candy.

Once we’ve had our share of poolside revelry, we sneak away to the exclusive seventh floor lounge, Above Allen. Our routine: settling down on the Stephen Sprouse printed sofas with a Pimms Julep or three, and taking in the expansive Manhattan skyline. For a taste of what it’s really like, feel free to ogle away at the photos below – but they just don’t do it justice.

Since we’ve never been great at resisting cravings, you can find us ending the night at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, the latest and tastiest addition to Thompson LES. We’ll start the party with a drink, order-up a bowl of divine fried rice (great for sharing), a sushi roll or two, and top it off with the heavenly fried chicken wings. And after all of that, you’ll be more than ready to happily call it a night.

What do we love most about Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya? The food, obviously. But also the late-night hours, catering to those of us who like to live it up a bit (a lot) before taking on the Bromberg brother’s orgasmic Japanese-inspired eats. You’ll find them happy to serve you seven days a week, 5pm – 2am.

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