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Week One: Thompson Beverly Hills

Out There

Summer has arrived and the heat is on.

Fear not, because you’ve just discovered our insider’s guide to summer days & nights at Thompson Hotels around the world. Prepare to be seduced as we reveal exclusive outdoor perches and dimly lit, luxurious hideaways. And rest assured, sweeping city views, ice-cold elixirs and authentic seasonal cuisines are always on our agenda.

June gloom? Who needs it. Thompson Beverly Hills’ sultry vibe makes us feel as though the sun is always shining – clouds or not. So get off the couch and leave the reruns for another weekend because there are important things to do.  Oh, and need something extra special to celebrate the dad in your life this Father’s Day? Allow us to suggest an indulgent weekend of fast cars, cold drinks, and a Penthouse.

Save your swimsuit for later, because first we’re heading straight to Caulfield’s at Thompson Beverly Hills for a delicious dinner courtesy of phenom Chef Cody Diegel. What are we having? The Penicillin cocktail is a hit of our favorite kind of medicine, and all too easy going down. Follow it up with the decadent Magnolia’s Mac + Cheese, and don’t worry – we won’t judge you for inhaling it, we know how glorious it is. Now the difficult part: Chicken potpie or beer mussels, short rib ravioli or the prime “Tomahawk” rib eye? We’ll let you decide, but we promise you that all forks lead to foodie heaven.

The top’s down and the sun’s still out, so we’re piling into that Bentley GTC that we’ve been lusting over all night. Our next stop: Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood hills to catch the final minutes of daylight and witness one of the most stunning sunsets you’ve ever laid eyes on. (Feast your eyes on a sneak peek of the view, below)

The penthouse suite is ours for the evening, and with it, French balconies, an overflowing jet-tub, a bathrobe and one hell of a gin martini. The rest is up to the imagination, but we’re thinking this is probably the perfect time to go back and get that key lime pie we were eying on the menu earlier.

*Insider Tip: Nothing says opulence like a little rooftop dining. For breakfast, let room service know you’ll be waiting on the roof. A blissful morning begins with a 360-degree view.