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MAD Magazine Celebrates 60


A special collector’s edition homage’s the satire classic.

Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity” –with a foreword by Stephen Colbert and Eric Drysdale—is coming to newsstands here and there, and includes “The Soul of MAD,” a removable set of 12 classic MAD cover prints—like one of our favorites, spoofing “Easy Rider,” pictured here.

Though it won’t reach bookstore chains and the like until October, the 60th anniversary collector’s item is going to premiere at Comic-Con on July 14th. What you worry?

Organized by decade—the early ‘70s were its finest hour, the oversized tome is 256 pages of oft-smart, however juvenile, good fun. And while National Lampoon gets all the credit, it couldn’t have gone to that next level of treachery without the existence of MAD.