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Owl City w/ Jayme Dee


When it came time to record Adam Young’s third album as Owl City, the MInnesota native set himself up for the following challenge: “Over the past several years I’d become fascinated with trying to capture magic in a jar through simple, consice pop songs,” he says, “I saw it as a great challenge to try and come up with catchy, unique, and memorable songs because it was a new method of songwriting I’d never approached before. I believe artists should never look back or repeat themselves and this was a new frontier for me.” To create the instantly memorable, feel-good moments he envisioned (like first single “Shooting Star”), Young sougt out co-writers and outside producers for the first time, enlisting his friend Marr Theissen (Relient K), Stargate (Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa), and the team of Josh Crosby, Nate Campany, and Emily Wright (the latter known for her work with Dr. Luke). “I made my first two records on my own without any outside help and learned that it’s easy to overthink what you do by allowing yourlsef to become too emotionally invested in what you are doing.” Young says, “Initally, I was anzious about letting other people co-pilot the solo endevor I’d always played close to the chest, but it was exhilarating not having 100 percent control over what happened. In the end for me, it’s all about trying new things as an artist. Working with other writers taught me to care about a song as a piece of art created to reach people versus worrying about getting the final say of having my own way. Collabotating kills off a lot of ego and pride issues and that’s a really healthy thing.