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Out There

Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ gets a free promo.

Last Saturday in Cape Cod, an unwitting paddle-boarder helped kick off the ratings frenzy that is the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”

The dude was paddling into the shore and turned his head to see a dorsal fin stalking feet behind him. Some asshole photographed him instead of trying to do something to help him. And the race was so on! Phew, he made it in. But it became one of the most popular images online in some time, a real-life clip out of the “Jaws” reunion yearbook.

We don’t know how everyone just concurred, as fact, that the shark was a Great White, as…how on Earth do they know, if they didn’t catch it?

Beaches were closed, then reopened, just like in “Jaws.” Anyway, we digress. “Shark Week” begins Sunday, August 12th, and we’ll be inside biting our pillows watching, not out there getting chased. For some fun trivia and footage to stoke you all up and chit, go to: