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The Train Car Trend


Upscale diners are baaa-ack (again).

For the past 20 years, restaurateurs keep getting this nifty notion to bring back comfort food as well as the places that you used to get it: in diner (even though each year cities lose yet another vintage train car favorite to put something more lucrative in their place.)

So how about “upscale diners”? Now we have Seattle’s Skillet Diner, New York’s Bowery Diner, and the like. We’re going to embrace, however, Chicago’s upcoming Little Goat, as Chef Stephanie Izard just knows her stuff.

It’s our fall opening pick. Check out for a preview of the good eats. It’s will be located at 820 Randolph Street. Port-fat doughnuts, anyone?

BUT…our favorite, which beat the trend quite some time ago, remains the “Pulp Fiction”-y 101 Coffee Shop (pictured here) in L.A., which is located on Franklin Avenue, in a motel chain, just by the overpass, and has a Cajun-inspired menu that cures all types of hangovers.