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Week Seven: 6 Columbus

Out There

Right now in NYC, it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk – and the heat is still rising. So, what do you do in the middle of summer when it’s hotter than ever and there’s no relief in sight? We’ve got a couple ideas, none of which involve A/C (okay, there will be some A/C – we’re not sadists).

Our Mad Men-esque midtown hideaway, 6 Columbus plays home base for us today as we keep cool and carry on.  Chic, 60’s inspired décor greets us as we step off the street into the stylish lobby of the hotel. While we’d normally head straight to the elevator and up to our room, we’re taking a detour to Blue Ribbon Sushi to savor a mid afternoon cocktail. What are we having? We’re ordering a perfect Makers Manhattan, up, and with it, a spicy tuna roll and a blue ribbon roll.

Once we’ve satisfied our cravings, it’s one quick, non-stop elevator ride to our new abode. The Columbus Loft at 6 Columbus is where we’ll be spending the night, and the fact that it’s outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows, floating balconies and a wet bar has us second-guessing our afternoon plans. But, we’ll be back with plenty of time to savor everything this two-story suite has to offer.

Smack in the middle of the city sits our favorite place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, so we’re grabbing a blanket, our favorite snacks (and drinks) from the mini-bar and heading across the street to Central Park. Relax, row or ramble? First, we’re hiking up our shorts and soaking up a little sun within the luscious 15-acres of Sheep Meadow. This is one of the best spots to throw down a blanket and daydream, especially on hot days like today. Next, we’re venturing further north for a leisurely afternoon of rowing on The Lake at Central Park with picture-perfect skyline views. And when the sun’s just too much, we’re retreating to the shade and exploring the paths of The Ramble.

And now the real relaxation begins. We’re heading back to our room to try out the steam shower. Slipping into those Frette robes waiting in our closet and sipping cocktails, we sit on our perch and take in the city sights from our luxurious terrace overlooking Columbus circle. This is one day we don’t want to end.