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Up, Up and Away: The Urban Trend


The popularity of New York’s High Line raises the stakes and trellises everywhere else.

New York (not Trenton) makes, the rest of the world takes. That’s how it’s going with the spate of promenades, parks and green corridors being christened, developed, and planned around the world on formerly decaying and abandoned sites, many of them raised above “it” all.

Manhattan’s High Line project has been THAT big of a hit, and keeps growing and growing.

In this month’s Travel & Leisure, writer Karrie Jacobs extols upon Chicago’s The Bloomingdale, Philly’s Reading Viaduct, Jersey City’s Harsimus Stern Embankment and Paris’s Promenade Plantee. Now Mexico City is bending over backwards to get them their own (and very much needed) High Line variation.

While we are very, very in support of the Meat District’s High Line and what it’s done for the city, we have to concur with Miss Jacobs, when she ponders: Does every last bit of urban grit and industrial-era detritus need to be glamorized, polished, and landscaped?”