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Week Five: Smyth Tribeca

Out There

It’s summer in the city, and we’re feeling damn swanky despite the heat.

We’ve got a few items on our to-do list this weekend: eat, drink, and be merry; so we’re taking our swank to Smyth Tribeca, where it’s always cool.

First thing’s first: we’re checking in and heading straight up to our King Superior room for a refreshing shower (behind a frosted glass wall, mind you), and a power nap on those crisp, SFERRA sheets. Once we’ve got our restorative 20 winks, it’s into our best duds and down to the lobby bar for a pre-dinner cocktail. The Bardot is an obvious winner: it has golden rum, grapefruit juice, dark sugar, Benedictine and Ricard, and puts just the right amount of shimmy in our step as we step into the dining room.

What’s on our menu tonight? At Plein Sud we’ll be starting with the decadent duck liver mousse tartine and carrot and orange soup, followed by caramelized sea scallops with pearl pasta “caviar”, thank you very much. For dessert, it’s molten chocolate cake with coconut ice cream – when in Rome, right?

After we’ve savored one last cocktail to top it all off, we’re heading downstairs to the sumptuous red velvet haven that is Toro Lounge. There’s no better place to see and be seen, and certainly no sexier setting. The DJs have all our favorite songs on deck, and it looks like there’s a table in the corner getting up and heading our way…

Once we’ve enjoyed ourselves a little too much for the night, it’s back up to bed. Oh, that heavenly bed. We’ll be getting our beauty rest and then some, before we tackle round two of Smyth Tribeca-living tomorrow.