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Bicycle Haters, Beware


A new bike messenger movie gives Mayor Bloomberg—and ‘The French Connection’ a run for its money.

It’s so….on! Being a big bicycle rider ourselves, and having been slammed with both car doors opening as well as sidewalk-bicycling tickets– we’re thrilled to see “Premium Rush,” director David Koepp’s new “chase” movie about a bike messenger’s race to get a package from one side of Manhattan to the other.

The New York Times did a fun feature this past weekend on it. And despite a city increasingly involved in a love-them-or-hate them bicycle path dilemma, we’re all for anyone that can suffer these mean streets. Also, we’re for any director who apparently made a film with lowly bicycles (and nearly zero C.G.I. effects) that keeps up with the great car-chase sequences of all time: “The French Connection” and the San Fran-set “Bullitt.”

Here, a few memorable stills from those films, as well as one from “Premium Rush.”