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Full Mettle Jackets

Interior motives

A meat-and-greet emporium in New Orleans has found a new way to honor the city’s top chefs…as well as to adorn their private dining room walls.

Rare Cuts, a new ranch-to-table butcher shop in New Orleans (with two new branches opening), is taking a non-partisan approach to the city’s famous chefs. Besides providing weekly blog and guest appearance items on the city’s top culinary killers, their private dining room is decorated with chef jackets, blood stains, sauces, and all, framed in shadow boxes on its walls.

They’re great-looking “readymades,” and an inventive alternative to framed photos of celebs who have eaten there . Some of the chef jackets included come off the backs of chefs from Clancy’s, Patois, Commander’s Palace, and Sucre, a local desert, gelato, and chocolate mecca.

Check out the website:

Here are some of our amateur photos of the place.