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The Collector


 JP Williams collects vintage staplers, twine balls, letters, and so many other curious little things we don’t think about.

Read about him on the website and blog. If you’re not hep to it, Thornwillow Press is a bespoke book publishing company, stationary outfitter and gift finder extraordinaire, based in the St. Regis hotel in Manhattan, founded by Harvard boy Luke Ives Pontifell, one erudite cat as swell as his name implies.

“JP Williams is a founding partner and creative director of MW, an award-winning design studio based in New York City, and also the creator of amassblog. He is an avid collector of vintage design and ephemera who is perhaps best known for his collections of collections. In fact, that’s how he’s listed by the Ephemera Society of America.

“His interests run the gamut from stamps and staplers to pristine examples of old cigarettes and even older philatelic covers, all of it characterized by excellent design and interesting typography. You may never have noticed the beautiful form of a 1950s stapler until you see it on JP’s shelf. Even Martha Stewart bowed down, when she invited JP on her show to share his collection of impressively large balls of twine.

Amassblog is where JP posts his charming personal treatises on his finds from the past 30 years (full disclosure: I am his de facto editor) and discusses the finer points of typography, flea markets, the Czech avant garde and collecting in general. Careful, it may be contagious.”