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Amy Sacco: Raising the Bar

The Interrogator

From Venice–en route to the Toronto Film Fest—the nightclub mother of them all holds forth on being a porn star in another life, stealing Cipriani ashtrays, and piloting Air Bungalow (now departing).

Look who’s ‘popping up’ at the Thompson Toronto, just in time for this week’s Toronto Film Festival? The fabulous-funny-f—k-all czarina of the legendary Bungalow 8, and now, W. 16th Street’s chic-but-decadently-splendid No. 8.

W magazine called her the “the jet set’s favorite den mother.” More recently, in The New York Times, our astute colleague-scribe Bob Morris called her “a cross between a very tall cheerleader and a socialite grandmother” (though she’s only in her youthful 40s.)

And WE call her our loyal, engaging, and always game pal, having unapologetically pickled and burned so many brain cells at her nightclub-art gallery Lot 61, all the way back in 1998, and all the way through the early 2000s, at Bungalow 8 (our late-night-to-early morn respite before The Beatrice Inn grabbed her relay stick and ran a like-minded clubhouse path).

Ms. Sacco is the type of hostess that will split time with you, and say, Bruce Willis, even when you’re a no-name, ink-stained wretch.

Boy, we’ve missed her, but we’ll be seeing her this week, when she launches her Bungalow 8 pop-up on the Thompson Toronto’s rooftop, having just high-heeled it over from the Venice Film Fest, where she helped kick that movie love-fest off too.

Here, Room 100’s Interrogator reveals why the towering inferno of nightlife remains indelibly on the scene and the hostess with the most-ess that you’re not afraid of. How could you be, she’s such a toughie-softy.

ROOM 100: Name your poison, and why?

AMY SACCO: Vodka, rocks…as it’s the least caloric and leaves you with the least hangover. But how dare you ask me to pick just one. Rude!

What makes you happier than anything?

AS: All the people I work with. They make they make me laugh all day and night. And without them, I would be miserable.

Tell us something you were told as a child that wasn’t true.

AS: If you make a silly face, and someone slaps you on the back, it sticks.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

AS: Again, only one? I embarrass myself all the time–then, I laugh it off really. Who cares?

What’s your “stripper’s name”? Take the name of your first pet as your first name and your first street name as your last?

AS: Lady Coleman.

If you could be any other occupation than you are, what would it be?

AS: A porn star….I mean, really….lounge around all day in your skivvies, and get paid to have sex? Dream job.

Describe what your “last meal” would consist of.

AS: Spaghetti and meatballs, with fried chicken on the side…and an entire chocolate cake…and honestly, a big, cold glass of full fat milk. Now you can shoot me.

If you could purchase anything today, what would it be?

AS: A G5. I hate commercial flights…just landed in Venice on what I now call Delta Skelta. The worst possible experience I have ever had on an airline since I started flying. “AIR BUNGALOW…now departing for destinations unknown” (well I always know where I am going, but the rest of the passengers should just buckle up and trust me).

Where does your ultimate road trip take you?

AS: To a deserted island with a huge library. Nothing is more thrilling than finding the peace to read a book.

What well-known person do you most look up to, and why?

AS: Diane Von Furstenberg…she is all woman, she can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and owns the farm too.

If you could spend an evening with one of these famous recluses—Harper Lee, Greta Garbo or J.D. Salinger — which would it be?

AS: Greta…C’est la vie!

What item(s) have you stolen from a hotel room or restaurant?

AS: I have a fab collection of bath mats…but only the ones that have the names on them….I did however foolishly return all of my Cipriani ashtrays to Giuseppe [Cipriani] once….he laughed at me and said they are meant to be stolen….and then who knew New York City would stop letting us smoke! Damn! Collectors items now…could have paid for that G5, and gotten a boat too!

If you knew that the world was ending soon, where would you go, and what cherished item would you take with you?

AS: I would grab my family, and spend all my last minutes with them…they are really all I need.

*Photo c/o Blackbook Magazine