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I Am Not Jarvis…

Editor’s Note

…but I AM now a dude in black-frame specs.

The day finally arrived. I couldn’t see straight anymore. Not a good thing for editing or going up my brownstone steps at 3 a.m. And at the risk of being narcissistic, I’m writing to tell you I’ve been forced to buy my very first pair of prescription eyeglasses, and I’m digging it supremely.

My, the research that goes into it. Naturally, I was more concerned with how they’d look than how they’d work, as I am still feeling sea legs, bumping into things and falling down steps. It takes getting used to, seeing straight, said sexy Frenchie Selima Salaun, when I went into her eyewear salon, Selima Boutique, on Bond Street, and later, on Spring, in SoHo, to have my eyes tested and pick out a pair. My eyes aren’t so bad, but my new glasses sure are.

My guiding style icons? Michael Caine and Jarvis Cocker. Being a member of the Big Head Club, I wanted chunky square frames. The Mikes were what I liked. Maybe I’ll spring for those Cutler and Gross, yellow-tinted numbers Jarvis Cocker wears down the line, but for now these are fine.

Ever worrying about looking older wearing spectacles? Forget about it. This guy feels more erudite, rejuvenated, younger-appearing (albeit a nerd, always), reinvented just in time for wool suits and leaf-changing road-trips. And now I can see the colors of those leaves.

– Steve Garbarino